What do customers think about KAI?

A DHS Director: “The contributions of KAI to the [customer] and the overall cyber security mission reflected great credit upon KAI, [the customer], and the Department of Homeland Security.”

A Review Panel Co-Chair: “Without KAI’s dedication, we would not have succeeded in this monumental task of identifying weaknesses within DoD that create vulnerabilities to the health and safety of the total force and their families.”

A DoD Board Executive Director: “Without the contributions of KAI, the challenges and changes faced by [the customer] during this period of transition would have significantly degraded the Board’s ability to accomplish its mission of providing advice and counsel to the Secretary of Defense.”

A WHS Director: “Your accomplishments in web development provided the organization with an innovative, interactive tool, enhancing the aesthetic and functional capabilities of the WHS internet presence, increasing accessibility of organizational information for WHS leadership, personnel, customers, and the general public.”

A DoD Program Manager: “In short, were it not for KAI, it is extremely doubtful that this important Deputy Secretary of Defense-directed action could have been successfully achieved.”

A WHS Program Manager: “I…wanted to communicate that Team KAI delivered a complex and well thought out product indeed! I wish we had time to finish what we started! We accomplished more in a few months than other contracts took years to barely start.”